Terpenes Will Change The Future


Before we get into specific terpenes, let us understand what the term broadly means. Terpenes are any of those aromatic oils or resins produced by plants. They are the ones that give the plants or the other parts their particular smell or taste. Though their function has not been thoroughly investigated it is understood that most plants produce these for two opposite effects. Either to attract specific insects that help in pollination or to repel animals which may be preying on these plants. Let us not get into too many specifics. Our aim here is to understand one type of terpene and how to source it.

More than 100 types of tarpenes have been identified. Each of these have their unique smell and taste. They are also found to be effective in a wide range of ailments like asthma, muscle-tension, breast cancer and stress.

Like other plants cannabis too produces terpenes. The terpenes are produced by the same glands that produce the cannabinoids that give the user the effect he needs – whether it is medicinal or for the high that it gives. But terpenes don’t have the same effect as the cannabinoids – or more commonly the chemicals that give you the high. They are known to add to the effect of the cannabinoids when combined with them. But that is not their main function.

Different strains of cannabis have different aroma and taste. Wonder what causes this? It is the kind of terpene that is found in these plants. They also differ in what effect they have on our health. Some have anti-bacterial effect while others have pain-relieving ability.

There is definitely an increase in interest on this chemical. When people buy cannabis for that high, they are not just buying them. They are also buying terpenes which will change the way their cannabis smells or tastes. This also adds to the way their brains feel that rush. Different terpenes also give different effects by combining with the cannabinoids. This is another reason why terpenes are mentioned along with cannabis. So, the next time you buy cannabis get your terpenes too.

Knowing about the terpenes could also help you in a better understanding of the medicinal effects of the weed you smoke.

Where do we buy genuine terpenes? In many cases people who purchased from many buyers have reported that the product they got were not genuine. How do you ensure that you get the real stuff and not something being sold in the name of terpenes?

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