Terpenes are next frontier of curated cannabis experience, experts say

For the marijuana novice, weed is just weed. But for the cannabis connoisseur, there’s a whole world of flavors, scents and effects – and it goes beyond just different types of strains.

The next frontier of curating a cannabis experience, experts say, lies not in a strain of the plant – the Sour Diesels and Pineapple Kushes that your dispensary will surely have on its menu – but in harnessing the terpenes within cannabis.

“Terpenes are essential oils found in different botanicals and plant matter. They’re why lemon has that citrusy smell, why pine needles smell like pine,” said Seth Yaffe, operations manager at Ermont Inc., a nonprofit medical marijuana dispensary in Quincy, Mass.

Terpenes are mostly known for giving plants their unique aroma, which is why there are essential oils of lavender and eucalyptus. But when they work in conjunction with cannabinoids like THC and CBD, “it’s an entourage effect,” Yaffe said, meaning terpenes can actually change or heighten the therapeutic effects of marijuana.

To take advantage of terpenes, many labs isolate them when they process the cannabis into a concentrate.

“Most people processing for THC strip out the terpenes and other minor cannabinoids to get to a clear product,” explained Norman Olson of High Tech Extracts in Maine. “Then to get flavor and aroma, you add the terpenes back. That’s the sommelier art of it.”

Speaking of wine, Yaffe actually worked in the restaurant industry for 25 years, where he wrote wine lists. He’s seen how people can smell a certain strain and know right away what it is, “just like a sommelier would be able to blind smell wine.”

But with terpenes, his role goes above and beyond suggesting flavors and scents someone might like. It’s about the kind of high these terpenes bring with them, too.

“It might be the same level of cannabis, but by adding in different blends of terpenes, we’re able to promote specific effects … like promoting more relaxing sleep,” Yaffe said. “The four major effects of the line we carry are concentration, helping sleep, anti-anxiety and the ability to have more energy.”

This is the customization that is taking over the business side of cannabis, Yaffe said. People aren’t necessarily looking just for certain strains anymore, but for a curated high, and terpenes help achieve that.

Still, terpenes are “new to the game” in terms of what we know, Yaffe said. Though there hasn’t been a lot of scientific research around cannabis and all its components yet, experts in the industry hope that with its acceptance – like the legalization in Massachusetts – comes more knowledge about it.

“Regardless of medical or recreational, a tremendous amount of people are cannabis users that are really looking for an effect,” he said. “It’s the importance of those terpenes and how we understand them, how we move forward with science to be able to manipulate and safely add them, that will allow for the creation of new products.”

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Interested in cannabis? Oh! then you need to add the word terpenes in your dictionary if you are into this fascinating world of cannabis.Giving a rush to your brain activity, this rush game is all about the curious interesting flavours whether its refreshing minty flavour or orangy citrus flavour present in the strain you are consuming.Cannabis is a special genus of flowering plant that has long been used for hemp fibres and hemp oils, medicinal purposes, and as a recreational drug. But have you wondered what makes these cannabis strains so specific and different from each other when it comes to the taste or the aroma? Well, the answer lies in this diverse group of organic compound known as terpenes.



Terpenes are what you smell, what you taste, what actually give a cannabis strain its characteristic uniqueness and knowing about these will deepen your interest in these cannabis terpenes. Irrespective of being a recreational consumer or a medical patient, terpenes are grabbing everyone’s major interest for its contribution in the distinctive flavours like blueberry, earthy, citrus, or pine. Now the question comes, what are terpenes?



Derived from the word “turpentine”, terpenes are hydrocarbons that are secreted in the same glands which produce cannabinoids like tetrahydrocannabinol(THC) and CBD.Very much like cannabinoids, the terpenes function like their assistant, by synergetically interacting with them which is also known as the entourage effect. These are pungent oils which like cannabinoids bind to the specific receptors in the brain and influence the overall psychoactive output of the cannabinoids. The psychoactive effects may vary from terpenes’ composition from strain to strain which may be long-lasting energetic buzz or crush anxiety. For example, Durban Poison’s a pure Sativa that is known for its attractive smell and energetic, uplifting effects.The buds are rounder and chunkier in shape and show a layered coating of trichomes on almost every part of the plant.





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